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    I am new to my Treo 650. Sync up my email with VersaMail V3.0 and constantly running out of memory I have deleted any unwanted message often but keep getting the same error. I bought an 1GB SD card thinking it should free up my memory problem only to find out I can't copy VersaMail to the card. (locked) And can't figure out a way to utilize the SD card for my VersaMail storage....

    I have adjusted any possible way that I can think of.... including not receiving attachment, text mode etc... What can I do??

    HELP !!!
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    check out this app called powerrun:

    Obviously it isnt versamail that is taking up all the ram, I'm sure you have a ton of other apps. Power Run will allow you to move those apps to your sd card. Palm os has its own version, but it isnt that great, plus you would have to uninstall and then reinstall all the apps in order to get them to the sd card. With power run you can easily transfer the app.

    hope that helps

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