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    I'm a having persistent Chatter crashes with all updated betas (rc4)

    1. It consistently occurs when I hit the red SYNC button. With long messages, I will hit MORE, then get SYNC prompt and then a predictable soft reset when I select the SYNC button. If I go to the left column options and LOAD MORE via that route, everything is usually fine.

    2. Often with long messages (usually after I LOAD MORE after the above crash), the message will freeze with a screen white out. Must soft reset.

    3. Occasionally, I have problems with the delete option in the left hand column working. The message will appropriately fade, but won't delete after the next QSync or repeated attempts at delete-QSync. If I undelete, then delete again everything works fine.

    Generally, I've found there is a tremendous upside to this program with constant unbugging, so I'm hangin in there.
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    #1: Really?? ARGH. I found and (presumably fixed) this prior to rc4, unless there's another case. Is this in Summary view?

    #2: Another "really?" Nobody else has reported this. Can you repeat it with any particular message?

    #3: This might relate to resets; not sure.


    p.s. If #1 and #2 are really happening with rc4, I need very very specific instructions on how to reproduce it... Summary vs. not, pop3 vs imap, quicksync vs online, etc.
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    The SYNC reset occurs in my fastmail mailbox view. I don't use summary view so I'm not aware of it happening there. However, it consistently and predictably occurs when I go through the load more-sync sequence regardless of the origin of the message and occurs instantaneously.

    I can't say if there is a predictable pattern to the loading of long messages. Right now I am storing on my SD card. Let me know if you need more info. Also whenever I go through a soft reset, I get a message "a mailbox named "-Mailbox" seems to be missing and do I want to reinstall it. Nothing seems to be missing.
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    I also have an AOL mailbox which I rarely use and had the same problem when I forwarded one of the offending messages.
    Other settings for GMAIL IMAP (fastmail)
    sync 14days
    QSync every 30 mins
    Store messages on card
    Auto expunge after delete
    Sleep Vibrate 0

    AOL mailbox
    Sync no days checked
    AOL Offline
    Store messages on card unchecked
    Auto expunge
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    phillydog - Are you using rc4? Is this an online box or QuickSync? I just have no clue about how to try to reproduce this. I could use exact steps.

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    I am using rc4. It happens with all mailboxes. On is always offline and I manually sync and the other is set to Qsync every 30 minutes. I figured it had little to do with mailbox settings, so I then went to system settings. I fiddled around with unchecking 2 or 3 but no luck.
    Other system settings checked are:
    Turn on radio at reset
    Default Email app
    Default to Butler LED
    Trust SSL
    No data connection if poor signal
    Disable while roamin
    1 network failure
    No signature
    Use contacts for autocomplete
    Palm style lookups
    Rebuild when contacts change
    Walk links in message view
    Use one key commands
    Default to reverse
    7 message days
    Use summary
    Other app -Pop and tone checked
    Asleep tone checked
    Hard button 3 to QSync - no other buttons checked

    Thank you so much for your time investigating this.
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    Many thanks.

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