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    I usually sync using my laptop at home. Also have a desktop at home but it has 98SE for OS. There is this student who needs a PC and I'd like let him borrow my laptop for a while. So how do I move my stuff from laptop to desktop ? Or do I even need to do that ? Can I just install sync software from CD that came with my Treo650 on the desktop ? And delete everything that's on laptop ? Will I be able to use desktop eventhough it has 98SE and not XP ?

    I put this in a different forum but no one answers there. may be this is the right place for this thread.
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    I actually use 2 pc's actively for my treo. 1 is my work one, which i sync up the calendar/email/notes/etc.. the other is my home pc which i install most of my applications from.

    if you get into the advanced options of hotsync you can change a bunch of things like whether you you want to overwrite just your phone or just your pc or sync both.. so on my work pc i have them sync both, but on my home one i just have my phone overwrite my pc settings for things like my calendar, contacts, etc... check it out.. its pretty obvious once you start looking at it
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    So what about the folders on laptop ? Delete everything on laptop, install CD on desktop and sync ? What about 98SE ? I thought you had to have XP or 2000 and beyond or something like that ?
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    This is all assumption of course and I really dont see the harm in just trying it out an seeing what happens.. but i would think all you need to do is install hotsync on your new pc. it prompts saying it realizes it was associated with another pc and something like if i wanted to make a copy of my outlook settings or overwrite- i chose copy.

    as far as OS goes... havent touched win98 in years so no idea there... really wouldnt be surprised either way. again.. just try it out and see.... and be sure to post up your results for others!
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    sure. Thanks

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