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    Spent 10 minutes explaining to Verizon Tech? that I didn't receive 52 pictures from the Bloggerbot. Bloggerbot has an autoresponder that uses the same address i.e. Thus, I get charged .25 instead of .10 or .02 for inbound messages, because Verizon's system can't tell the difference between a .jpg and a .txt.

    I don't care... still like Verizon better than Cingular.

    Created this blog: I while at my sister-in-law's wedding using Treo650
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    as opposed to
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    As mentioned use vtext otherwise it goes through their pix system and will be billed as a picture.
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    Do you mean that you can send pics to bloggerbot using vtext server? 'cause the 'bot is just going to autoreply to whatever address we use to send. I don't think you can send pics with vtext. bloggerbot does support gmail, so I could send as gmail, but process is clunky. Plus, when you have a 1 gig card, it takes forever to scroll down through all your pictures, unless you have them sorted into directories, which I don't, because I'm too lazy.

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