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    Can anyone recommend a program for making a good, old-fashioned outline? I'm looking for something that works like the Outline view on Microsoft Word. Most of the "outliners" I've tried seem to be glorified to-do lists and/or focused on project management. No thanks.

    Here are my thoughts on the three best outliners I've tried.

    Arranger: I like the interface and the ease of use of Arranger. Drag and drop is a snap. The problem is that the program lets you view only the first line of text, which I find annoying. If it weren't for that, this would be my first choice.

    BrainForest: I find this complicated and difficult to use. Maybe it just takes getting used to. The outline mode isn't bad, but the drag and drop is more like "hit or miss"

    Thoughtmanager: My current favorite. It's easy to hide the "to do" boxs, the little keys at the bottom of the screen are very intuitive, the "recycle" folder is a familiar tool. Main negative is that it eats a lot of space.

    Is there anything else out there? Which ones do listmembers like and use, and why?

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    A new one to add to the list is Bonsai from Natara.

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    i really like Progect

    but it might fall into your 'glorified to-do' list. check it out.
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    ShadowPlan has been my favorite shareware outliner program by far. The app performs effectively as both an OUTLINER(I,A,1,a,i etc.) and a HIERARCHICAL CHECKLIST.

    Great shareware support, too. (I love it. Every few weeks Jeff has been coming out with updates and new features.)

    Here's his latest:

    If you demo this one.... I'll bet you decide to register it.
    For me, this was the perfect replacement for the ROM To Do list.

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