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    I've noticed that if you just get an e-mail in your Chatter inbox, it will just say today's time (i.e 10:33 am) on the summary/subject header portion of the e-mail message (before you click on the actual message).

    As the days go by, I see that the same message will list the day, with no time listed. Is there a way to get the actual day and time listed on the summary/subject header in my in box?

    I'm currently using Fastmail as my IMAP waystation.
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    Not presently; time is shown for 24 hours, then day, then date.

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    Good to know...thanks...ya think this will be a fix for version 1.1? Also: I've been looking at this IMAP server, something about being able to have a color coded day/time summary for your e-mail box?

    I'm guessing this feature is exclusive to If so, I'm guessing it's a special software tweak that one has to download from correct me if I'm mistaken.

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    No, it's the Summary view, but it's most interesting if you have more than one mailbox. Enable it in the mailbox view prefs, then indicate which boxes you want in the summary in the Other screen of Edit Mailbox (also select the color there).

    The date thing isn't a bug.

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    Just followed your feature! Any way to toggle the colors shown in that '' link?

    Also: What does the "Cycle' button (just before 'Summary') in the "Other" Preferennces do? What does "Hide Red Alert if Using Summary" do? I tried it, and I thought it hid the silent new messges alert...

    Neat idea: Haven't tried this yet, but if one creates different folders, does the summary feaure work on each individual folder?
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    Any folder can be in the summary if the box is checked; and the color for each can be set there as well (in "Other"). "Cycle" works with the "Buttons" preference panel's "Next Mailbox" option. You can read about it in the manual.


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