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    hello, i just wanted to talk about the speck skin for a min.i believe this is the best protection for our treos.first, the case protects it from about everything like dropping(which most of us have done).i have been protected with it for months and i will not try any other cases.i am a paramedic and i wear it on scenes where most people would have taking the treo off of there hip because of the damage that might happen.the face of the treo faces the clip, so i know that it will not get damaged.the old clip that first came with it was replaced by the company after it broke.the old clip was made from another material making it not as flexible as the new did not cost me anything to replace(GREAT COMPANY).
    now, the cons:the skin go on, but if you decide to take it off many times to reset the treo; it will stretch.So, i made a hole(believe it not) in the case and the back of the treo to reset it if needed.with the cover on the treo, you will not notice it unless you really look for it.
    i hope this will give you some insite on this case that saved my treo many times.

    the clip on this old pic is not the same as the one i have so make sure if you buy it that it is the new type.
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    the 1st time I saw this case was over at site who had great things to say about this case and i was real close to buy it.. but then i read the review here and a few others around the web and have heard some mixed views about it.

    I love the fact that it has the skin and the belt clip that isnt a direct part of the skin itself, but ive heard that the clip is of pretty poor quality and that there arent any cutouts on the top of the treo and since it does stretch out so easily it becomes pretty useless (hows that for a run on sentence!).

    If these few issues were addressed i would pick this case up in a heartbeat
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    Is this the skin that comes with that little flip screen protector? And if it is, have you lost it yet? Also hows typeing with that on?
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    I ussed this case for a couple of months and liked it a lot. If it weren't for the fact that I pocket my Treo.... and it has way to much friction going in and out of pants pockets. I never used it with the holster.

    I use a Vaja now....
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    I'm planning on getting one of their new, grippy ones. Except for the fact that taking my SD card out is a must. I record a weekly podcast on my Treo and take the card out to mount it so I can move the file off.

    I've considered also purchasing Card Export from softick, so I don't have to.

    I dropped my Treo and it got scratched up REALLY badly.


    So, Kenorian, you still have your old Speck skin? Wanna part with it? hehe.
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    I have to say that at first I did not like the idea of not take the sd card out,but I know has 1gb card and I am not worried about it coming out.i also have card export and should not need to take it out.i also did not like the reviews I have read about it,but I had to try it and now love it.the typing it still good and no I never placed the screen on because I did not see a big deal for it.
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    I've been using mine for about a month and love it. I've never had an issue with the clear cover coming off. I made a few modifications with a hole punch. I made a hole for the connector for the external antenna and I extended the hole for the silent/ring switch to allow access to the SD slot and IR port and it all looks factory. When Speck changes their design to match mine, remember you heard it here first. lol
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    Could all of you who have this case comment on the quality of the clip that comes with it? I travel weekly here on some very crowded planes and dont want to ever have to worry about it coming off?

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    the first clip that came with it broke on the top.the company said that they will and did send me a replacement.the first one was to stiff and they said that the new one is more flexable.been having it for months and no never fell out from the clip.i hope that helps.this is the best way to hold onto it.
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    I bought the rugged case . Was diffcult to remove and charge in a cradle .
    Also one of the corner was ripped while taking the phone out . I am using the Z cover nad have the problem of taking them off. I think i will finally settle with a side pocuh case and egrips .A naked TREO is probably the best .

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