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    I know this is old, but thanks it fixed my problem!
    Palm 700P Verizon with Outlook 2007.
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    Only took three months to resolve my problem.

    Initial problem is that Outlook Calendar synchronization failed. Here is a copy of the log entries indicating failure:

    OK Quick Install
    OK Media
    Outlook Calendar
    - Recovery Sync
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

    Outlook Contacts
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Contacts

    Turns out I had a corrupt database on my palm phone (Treo 700p). I loaded an applicaton that fixed my database called dBScan v2.0b. You can find this program at this link or at

    I would select my current database. It then reports the number of records found. The first several times I tried to "Start Scan" it caused my Treo to reset. But it was also reporting that I had 7 Deleted records found. So I chose the option to "Remove all deleted records" and after that it would run fine. It also found that several records that had "Repeat On field in some repeat events not Null" but it said that was OK and typically was caused by some "third-party" apps.

    So the only thing that I did was to use dBScan to remove the 7 deleted records, and then tried the HotSync and now it works!
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