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    mring is nice, BUT run palminternals with it installed and you will see how SLOW your treo is now..Ringo Pro doesn't have that problem..

    also no new betas for Ringo have been out since Aug 23 when the current final was released, so the 'many recent betas' statement is misleading...

    also with ringo they have a group on yahoo and will respond...I have yet to even hear from motionapps regarding my emaied question to them when 2.6 was the latest mring...

    I own : Mring, Lightwav and Ringo Pro BTW...
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    Whenever my phone resets, it is usually Ringo's fault... I've tried emailing them about a seperate issue (if I go to About window and check for updates, their page says there is an update to v4.4 but it downloads and says it isn't newer and can't install it).. I've yet to receive a response to that email (sent about 2+ weeks ago). I love my custom MP3 ringtones enough to be annoyed with Ringo-caused resets (5 a week, easy).
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    Quote Originally Posted by themirage
    I guess not, but I'm assuming your ringer is pretty short. If mine were I would go that route also.
    It's the 24/CTU ringtone, so it's a ringer, not a song or anything. It's very small.

    But if it was 450K, I think it would still be worth it. Part of the size would still be offset by not needing to install Ringo, plus, you wouldn't have a program intercepting your incoming calls and initiate it's own ringer program. It's a reset waiting to happen.
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    each time I install my ringo pro version, I enter the reg code and it says please upgrade for mp3 support !! WTF !! No response from electric pocket after numerous emails.
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    I tried Lwav and it was horribly unstable. Ringo Pro (especially the latest version) crashes once in a while, but very rarely. I think I just saw my first ringo-related crash in a week yesterday.
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    I use version 4.29, and it has never caused a reset... version 4.29 only supports ringers, no pic caller ID. I'm sticking with 4.29 since its rock solid on my device... If they ever decide to include animated gif suport, then I will upgrade
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    Ringo Stinks. I bought it, installed it, used it, and had lots of soft resets. Enough for me to (incorrectly) think the Treo was bad. So I now have a "new" replacement from Cingular (probably a re-furb unit). Should have known better to just delete Ringo and kept my new, non-refurb. unit...... oh well, too late.
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    hey check out mring 2.9, it is slow no more!
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    I currently use V4.33 with no hassles. I can always tell who's calling by the individual ringtones and I get a photo reminder (tremendous bonus if it's the mother-in-law calling). I also used Ringo Pro on my old Handspring 270, and I can recommend the product if you need that level of customisation.

    Never had a reset or lockup which I could atribute to Ringo, although they have lousy tech support if you do email on an issue.
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    I'm checking out mRing 2.9 right now. It is indeed fast (no slowdown at all with PalmInternal's Benchmark) and stable, and fairly straightforwared.

    Is anyone noticing this bug? When using an MP3 ringer, you can adjust the "volume" slider but the volume doesn't change. Then you can pick "default" for the ringer, and then select that very same MP3 file again, and now the volume slider works.

    Am I the only one?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    v4.4 working fine with me, although I had to disable TreoGuard because it interfered. I also don't use the Picture ID feature...mostly used for the mp3 ringtones.
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    ringopro would reset my device on every single phone call. switched to more problems.
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    I have found a few more weird things with mRing.

    First, its PalmInternals speed test shows that mRing doesn't slow down your Treo UNTIL you get a call and it rings an MP3 ringer. THEN it slows down your Treo until you reset.

    The palmInternals speed score was 118 before the first ring, and then 3450 (!) after the first ring. Whoops. I don't know how I feel about that.

    Secondly, even when it is set to "off", I STILL get MP3 ringers sounding off until I select a category/caller/whatever and set the ringer for "Default."

    Aparently there is NO perfect MP3 ringer program for the treo...

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    Ringo is such crap - even with latest version 4.413 my treo 650 keeps crashing! Try to edit mp3 boom crash - try to answer call boom crash - even just doing nothing but check email - boom crash city - ringo to blame - even worse is lack of response from electric pocket - waste of money.
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    I also have v4.413 and it causes my Treo 650 to drop calls and reset immediately after. Last night I had two dropped calls in less than two minutes. Disabled Ringo Pro, no more dropped calls. I miss MY ring tones though. Is there anything that will work? Anyone? Palm should have thought of this. Just because the Treo is used mainly by business pros doesn't mean it shouldn't be fun.
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    No probs with version 4.3

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    I've been using Ringo Pro with my Cingular Treo 650 for nearly 8 months. With the exception of one version, I've had had no problems with this application. I am currently using version 4.4.
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