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    I read some posts saying that you can listen to pocket tunes in the background while using TomTom 5. However, I tried to stream music on the background with Shoutcast and my Treo crashes. Is anybody able to do this? I'm planning on doing a long drive, but I want to use Shoutcast with TomTom 5 at the same time.


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    It works fine on my Sprint 650 with Pocket Tunes.
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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 and my Treo resets when I use TomTom Nav. 5 and stream music from shoutcast. I guess there are steps to follow to avoid a crash. How do you do it?


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    I just tried with mine and didn't have a problem. I'll try again tommorrow though on the way to work and see what happens.

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    I think I know what might be an issue. If I have VeriChat and Chatter running at the same time it might cause a reset. So I would say if I limit the number of programs running on the background plus disable hacks like Butler, Rlock, Dimmer, Texplus and keycaps I might get better results. I tried and it works fine, but sometimes voice directions might make my Treo crash. I'll give it another try tomorrow.

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