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    First I have the most recent version of both softwares as of 9-14-05.

    I just purchase and install Zlauncher today. I love the software....but when I try to run Ptunes from treo 650 crash and I loose all pref. and registration codes for other softwares. I try this many times and end up with the same result, hard reset.

    Anyone know what causes this crash? Ptunes runs very stable from the original palm launcher.
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    Not sure. Can you give more detail into version numbers of the software you are running. Also what other 3rd party software are you running on the treo? I am running zlauncher 5.31 and pTunes 3.1.1 with zero problems. Have you tried a hard reset and just installing the two apps?
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    Also, what is the error message after the crash from dialing *#377?
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    I certainly use ZLauncher and PTunes all the time, never a problem.. Fire up PTunes either streaming or off SD card, and exit back into ZL to do other things.

    There must be some other conflict or problem. If it's ZLauncher that's crashing, it very well could be something else has cleared nvram cache and ZL goes nuts when it can't find its databases any longer. Which would not be a ZLauncher fault..

    More information is necessary.. Third party software, and exactly what you're doing.
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    Are you using, Multiuserhack? I have had problems with it until I finally updated my apps and got rid of it.
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    Thanks everyone for the input. I finally narrow the problem down to a software call UDMH. I only use it for little John Palm. when I uninstall it, the problem when away. My treo runs perfectly now, but I can't play Super Mario on my treo anymore.

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