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    I just did the Treo 650 software update for Sprint and now my HBH-660 bluetooth handsfree device will not pair with the phone. The actually will not even discover the device and bring me to the point of asking for the pass key.

    And yes I do have "discoverable" set to yes.

    Anybody else have this problem or better yet a solution. I just got this stupid thing thing to replace my broken Scala. HELP! PLEASE!
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    Go to your file list and delete Trusted bluetooth devices and bluetooth cache and retry. This should work.
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    In my file list I just see Bluetooth Device Cache and Bluetooth Prefs Backup. Do you mean to delete the trusted devices from within the Bluetooth trusted devices section? Should I delete the Bluetooth Prefs Backup file as well. Thanks for the help this is really annoying especially since in CT we now have to use handsfree by law.
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    Re-pair the headset by holding down both the plus and minus volume buttons for a few seconds.
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    I have the 660 and all you need to do is reset the headset. It should then pair right away.

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