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    Hi all.

    Just got my T650 (Sprint) last week. I have really enjoyed it so far but I realized that I cannot save anything to my SD card. After a bit of reading on this site it seems that I need a launcher for this? Could someone please clarify this for me. Also, I've only seen threads on ZLauncher. Is this the one to get?

    Thank you much!
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    Welcome! Yes, ZLauncher would save you a lot of memory, and worth every penny.
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    If you are only tring to move apps to your memory card you might try the following:

    1. In the main launcher screen, select "Copy" from the drop down menu and copy the app over to the card. Then you can delete the one in main memory.


    2. Check out Powerrun or Linkstart.
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    thanks for the replies!

    can anything be moved to the memory card or are there only certain things that can be moved?


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