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    I think i screwed up. I updated my sprint (verizonized phone) to the new rom update 1.12, and now i can not connect to the internet. It says my network may not support vpn client or something like that. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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    can u make calls
    cuz if u have a sprint prl now..u shoudnt be able too

    its all fixable if u re-verizonize

    or u do that high/low verizon sprint trick..which seems hard to me
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    thats whats strange i can still make calls but the *228 does not work or anything like that. The service stills says verizon. what kinda trick are you talking about.
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    ill give u alink to fix ur network settings

    and if u say that u can make calls..then everything else is probably in order

    scroll to the bottom and follow the settings for the express network

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