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    I cannot get the hide / show buttons to work @ all.
    my treo 650 also reboots if i tap the screen in certain places.
    (when trying to use obfuscate)

    what am i doing wrong?

    thanks much!
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    try Invisible 1.4 - no problems on my 650. and it lets you hide both ROM and RAM apps.
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    I'm guessing that it must be conflicting with some other app that you have - obfuscate is so basic I can't think of anything that one could do wrong with it.
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    Beware, Invisible doesnt work with any third party launcher. I found that hide em doesn't work for apps in ROM, but third party launchers are supported. Just FYI.
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    maybe my screen has dead spots?
    it's nearly impossible to select something at the top or bottom of the
    screen. curious.

    I tried Fast Hide v1.0.3 works like a charm!
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    do you have this problem only w/obfuscate or with other apps too? If so, you may need to recalibrate your touchscreen (prefs, Touchsreen and follow the prompts).
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    thanks much ! i wouldn't have ever known to do that!

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