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    I'm thinking of getting the holux 236 (w/tomtom navigator 5 or mapopolis navcard) but lamar@mapopolis said that it doesn't support some bluetooth lookaway feature of the treo 650. I'm assuming that results in a lost bluetooth connection every now and then.

    Has anyone who's used the 236 for a long trip experienced frequent connection dropouts?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Quote Originally Posted by kisstherain
    Has anyone who's used the 236 for a long trip experienced frequent connection dropouts?
    Yes, roughly every 15 minutes, and I have never figured out why.

    What the heck is the Treo's lookaway feature?
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    Thanks for your reply! You're the first one who has confirmed this problem.

    I don't know but one guess is that when a call comes in, the Treo drops its gps bluetooth connection and looks for a bluetooth headset. Though from your reply, that's probably wrong because I doubt you're getting calls every 15 mins.

    Do you have to reset both devices' bluetooth connections or manually re-pair them every time? What a pain that would be on a long drive!

    I'm hoping someone at mapopolis can answer my question:

    Btw, what Treo firmware are you using? Are you running the latest firmware?
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    Since my last post I tested Mapopolis with the GPSlim 236 three times for 20 minutes each and it worked fine, no dropped connections. Nothing I can identify has changed since I was experiencing dropouts, so the problem is intermittent. Previously when connection dropped all I had to do was "Start GPS" again in Mapopolis which takes a minute.

    My setup is the latest Sprint firmware, phone on, no other BT devices, Mapopolis voice prompts off, and display set to stay on for an hour. When a call comes in, the Treo incoming screen appears, goes back to Mapopolis when I answer the call, and then the Treo goes to sleep when the call ends. Turning the Treo on restores Mapopolis and the BT connection automatically but is annoying.

    All this makes the Treo less appealing as a GPS tool. When something goes wrong I don't know if it's the Treo's bluetooth, the GPS receiver or the software. A handheld GPS receiver like the Garmin I have simply works without all the fussing. Sometimes, having a specialized tool that does something well is better than having a multi-tool that tries to do too much.
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    I was able find more info. Lookaway is the codeset in the gps receiver, not the Treo, that hangs onto the bluetooth connection even though the Treo may temporarily drop it.

    The Palm OS is not a true preemptive multitasking OS; instead it's a cooperative multitasking one. As a result, the currently running task decides when to give up its execution and allow another task to run. In a preemptive multitasking OS, it's the OS who decides.

    So here's my conjecture. While in the middle of the bluetooth connection, it temporarily gives up its execution to another program. But that other program is running too long and/or not playing nice by not giving back the execution to the bluetooth connection in time. The gps receiver in the meantime assumes the connection is lost and drops it. By the time the Treo connection comes back, there's nothing to connect to. This would explain the inconsistency of dropped connections because it depends on what other tasks are running at the time and if the bluetooth connection gives up its slice.

    So here's where the lookaway feature helps. It probably has a much longer timeout period before dropping the connection or it plays some other games to make the connection appear more persistent.

    All this means is that the GlobalSat 338 and Mobile Crossing are the ones to get for now. I haven't read about a bad experience with either one of them regarding dropped connections with the Treo so far.
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    I have the Holux 231 bluetooth and it has worked fine, for long periods of time with both mapopolis and tomtom. No disconnects what-so-ever.
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    It seems some users aren't experiencing any problems and others are, even though they're the same device.

    Here's a user who complained about the holux 231:

    Maybe he just got a defective one though he said that it worked w/his ppc.
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    I have the TT5 with the Holux236. I recently took a trip from NH to st.paul MN just under 1400 miles in about 22 hours virtually non-stop (gas, food, & bathroom). planned the trip on my treo 650 using TT5 and started driving. Didn't even bring a map & wound up at my destination without a hitch. I haven't seen any one post a longer trip than mine (might be thought for new thread). great product combination. No drop outs. It even re-directed me 2 times in Albany NY, when I took 2 wrong turns when 1/2 asleep at the at the wheel. Back on my way stress free. This device might have saved my marriage on this long trip.
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    Just to be clear, you were using the bluetooth functionality as opposed to the cable (mouse) connection?

    Now you've gotten me thinking I should get the 236. I like its smaller size and its mouse feature in case I want to use a bluetooth headset.

    So far, my tally from this and other forums is 2 not having any problems but 3 have had. Must be some setup or the programs running on everyone's Treo.
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    I did not have my bluetooth headset turned on for my trip (didn't want to talk to anyone). I have a friend with the older holux model I think it's a 231, and he has no issues with his either other than his battery cover came off.
    My experience with the prescribed setup has been great and would recommend it. I have heard of complaints with setting up the TT5 software, not here. I am not very computer savy other than punching keys, and I installed and set up the software in about 20 minutes. I don't know where other peoples issues are coming from. I put in the disc and followd the instructions to a tee and whalla, there it is.
    The Holux has a replaceable battery and the charge last a minimum of 8-10 hours. I was impressed.
    Does anyone have any advice on topo software that is inexpensive and has detailed maps? been looking with poor results.
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    yes I am using the bluetooth gps

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