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    About a quarter of the time when I put my password into my Sprint Treo 650 and press OK, the screen just goes dark and I have to turn it on (again) and enter my password (again). I've always gotten in after the second time I've entered my password, but I have this fear that someday it will never accept my password.

    Not sure when this happens. I do have keyguard enabled but this is not happening because I am too slow in entering my password, as you really can enter it slowly (like 1 character every 3 seconds) and it will not go dark. But it does behave as though it's being turned off by keyguard, in that the screen just goes dark. But, again, it goes dark exactly when I press OK, after having entered my password.

    About the fanciest "strange" utility I have is KBLightsOff, but I'm not even using its keyguard feature.

    Any ideas?

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    remove kb lights off and try your password. You have to find the culprit by eliminating one 3rd party program at a time.
    Good Luck!
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    Yes, I guess I know the "right way" to solve this. I was just hoping that the problem was not unknown. Also, KBLightsOff is sort of a common program, so that if that were the problem maybe there was a solution of some sort.

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