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    The Verizon Wireless Sync reals sucks. I want to change to Versamail which came on a CD with my Treo 650. Is it okay to make this change and, if so, is there a process?
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    The process involves bending over and ... never mind.

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    Nice, that was very helpful.
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    Would Chatter solve my problem, using my POP3?
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    Well, I don't have much to add about Versamail; I'm not that familiar with it. As far as Chatter goes, I'm not sure what problem you want to solve. Depending on what you need, either Versa or Snapper or Chatter might be best.

    With Chatter, you can get mail pushed to you from your POP3 account IF you can forward from there to an IMAP provider (like I strongly suggest getting the Chatter beta (which is close to being the new stable version) if you want to try it out.

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    So I set up my pop3 to forward to which then forwardto my treo through Chatter. And when I send an email, it goes out with my email address?
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    I just did the same thing last week. I hated the Verizon product, but rather than go with Versamail, I found this website and everyone seems to love Chatter. I downloaded the free trial, used it for a few days, and bought the product. It's perfect for the Treo.

    I set up an IMAP account with and forwarded all of my emails from my other addresses (I have four email addresses that I use). Now, they all come to one place and I can send emails right from my Treo with a return address of any of my four accounts. You can even color code the incoming emails so that there is a different color for each address receiving emails. That way, I know at a glance which address is getting the emails.
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    If you are using Outlook, it should be pretty easy to switch to VersaMail. If you are going to use POP, VersaMail is ok. For IMAP, you will want something else like Chatter.

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