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    Hi Super,

    I have a java applicaiton which runs well on Nokia 6630. I'm trying to port it onto Treo 650.

    I'm wondering if anybody could help me out with following questions i encountered.

    1: The Midlet suite icon and midlets icons don't show up in application view on Treo 650.
    Part of jad is like :

    MIDlet-1: My Contact,/contact.png ,
    MIDlet-2: My Tasklist,/tasklist.png ,
    MIDlet-3: My Calendar,/calendar.png ,
    MIDlet-Name: MineApp

    The icons : PNG style, 29X29, color

    Is there any specification on java midlet icons for Treo 650? anything else i missed?

    2: The applcation operates large number of data (read/index/save data), and somtimes it will throw out "java.lang.outOfMemory" error msgs.

    I did some search on google, it seems it could be Java heap (or memory heap?) problem.

    According to bellow paper:

    j9pref.prc seems can adjust the Memory and Thread heap .
    unfortunatly, When I follow the installation instruction of WMSE
    There is no such prc file. (The isntallation instruciton conflicts with the zipped documentation).

    Quesiton: is j9prefs.prc only for simulator or can be loaded onto real device and do the mentioned function? and where can i get the prc file? (Searched a lot, but can't find anywhere).
    Is there any other way to increase the memory heap for one applcation?

    any suggestions or ideas?

    Thanks inadvance for any help.

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    There is Midlet-Icon attribute, and the three midlets icons won't show either
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    When you install Java on your Treo, go to Prefs and you will see IBM and Java icon. There are your memory heap settings... Preferences are installed by deafult... I think you should be better off trying to package your midlets as native Palm prc files. Then you will be able to assign icons Palm style (both large and small). More Palm native you go in packaging, you'll make your app Palm user friendlier... Treo users have high demands when it comes to usability, so you'll be better off with native packaging. Look for jartoprc utility...
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    Thank you very much for your prompt reply and information.
    Based on your response:
    1: I'll try jartoprc . (Sun's midp4palm 1.0 deons't work for me cause it only fit for midp1 devices)
    2: After i install IBM's WEME , there is only one icon shows there "IBM Java...", but click that icon, there is only one tab : Midlet List, there is no "Preferences" option. Am I have the correct WEME?

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    Go to Prefs (look for "Prefs" icon) of your Treo. There you will find new title "IBM and Java". Don't look for Java icon on the screen, but to Prefs icon instead.
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    Yes, after adjusting the Maximum Memory values in Prefs, the performance is better.

    Well the icons still dont' show up. What do the "Large icon" and "small icon " mean when i m trying to run jartoprc (which the prc file never works)?
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    Create 2 images that will represent the icons of your app. One large (64X64) and one small (34x34)... I have them in png format although other formats and sizes should probably work. Supply the path to large icon image and small icon image when running jartoprc...
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    Lots thanks for your information.
    i have two questions:
    1: If I don't use jartoprc, just jad/jar , What should I do to let the icons show on device? (I've installed IBM's WEME).
    2: When I use jartoprc, the generated prc only 1k, but it shows in quickinstall around 30k, while my original jar file is aorund 200k.
    When I do hotsync ,the 30k prc file can be sent to the device (after sync, that prc file disappeared from quick install), but no files invoked /found on Treo.
    Where could be the problem? any suggestions or ideas?

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