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    I am thinking about picking up a verizon treo 650 with unlimited data. I currently have a sidekick. My question is, is that if I use verichat, can I recieve and make calls while im on verichat? my friend says you cant and he uses a sprint treo. Any help is appreciated.
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    also, this is regards in using always on in data mode, thanx
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    Yes, so long as you're not actually moving data at the time a call comes through. Verichat just being "on" and idle won't be a problem The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    NO the nature of 1xrtt is that you cannot receive an incoming call while on an active data connection as the monkey already stated!
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    Verizon Treos won't receive calls whilst in data mode, but a GSM Treo will!
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    so the only way to get it to work on my treo with out missing a call is to use SMS always and never use data? I really want to get rid of my sidekick, but AIM is essential to my business.

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