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    I am a long time Blackberry user who has gladly come over to the Treo/Palm world. I do have a few “needs” that I cannot seem to get met with my Treo yet. I hope you can help me out.

    What do I use? Treo 650 VZN, Outlook, Outsourced non-exchange email for my company, Yahoo mail for personal.

    What do I want?
    An ability to sync my Sent Items from my Treo back to my Outlook PST through the regular Hotsync procedure
    An ability to sync my Read/Unread Status and my Flag Status on my emails with my Outlook Clients PST.
    Ability to search for emails the way I can in Outlook or on a Blackberry.
    Ability to open & read and respond to Outlook Meeting Requests from my Treo.

    Now before everyone tells me to try IMAP for some of this, I have. It won’t work for reasons I think many who use Treo’s will run into. I have talked to many people I know who use Treo’s and other Palm devices discovering they share my challenges. My company outsourcers their email to a third party and, as a result, is charged in part by the size of data on the server. As a result they have everyone using POP3 on their Outlook to get emails off the server. This has a couple of implications; the only IMAP folder available from the server is the Inbox, the sent items folder is only kept on the local Outlook PST, synchronization of the Read/Unread flags is not really possible because of using POP3 in Outlook.

    The first of these means that there is no way to sync the Sent Items box with the server via IMAP from the handheld and then suck them down to the laptop’s Outlook via IMAP or POP3. MAYBE if they could enable IMAP on the sent items box it would work but there would still be no way to get the messages off the server and back into my Outlooks PST file via POP3.

    The last of these may be changeable if I use IMAP in Outlook instead of POP3 but I am not sure I can tell the Outlook IMAP to take messages off the server after a certain period of time. IMAP in Outlook also means that the Inbox is not un my PST folder, but in a new folder and I would have to move messages manually into my PST folder. This is because Outlook does not seem to be willing to let me create subfolders to organize my email under the IMAP folder it creates. This also means my Sent Items is in my PST where as the Inbox is in my IMPA folder. Confused yet? 

    The second of these (Sent Items only being kept on my local Outlook PST) is the most critically to most users I believe. It seems that when a mail client is installed for the Treo the sync applications do not sync the mail folders with Outlook like they do the Tasks/Calendar/Contacts etc. They are set to send/receive to the server in the sky only and, typically, this is the Inbox and Outbox only. The outbox contains the mail that needs to be sent, the Sent Items box hold the mail already sent for historical purposes. Versamail says it is sync’ing mail folders during a hotsync process but I cannot see any change in message Read/Unread status, do not seem messages added to the Sent Items folder in my Outlook, etc. Chattermail says nothing during a Hotsync. In today’s world with Sarbanes Oxley etc all corporate email must be captured and saved in some fashion somewhere. Beyond that these devices are specifically designed so that the user can conduct business and email without being attached to his/her laptop. The fact that there is no way to get messages sent from a Treo back into an Outlook PST file for archival purposes seems to me to be a huge over site.

    So to make a long story longer, are there any mail clients that will do some/all of these things? Am I nuts or does everyone see the glaring functionality hole around getting the Sent Items folder back into my PST?
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    Sounds like you need a Blackberry.

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