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    Can this be? I've only had the unit for a few months (purchased used). I can hear the person on the phone (on the front top of the handset) but the sound quality is very flat and tinny and almost unreadable. Mic and speakerphone are fine, as well as system sounds. I've tried volume care and the most recent firmware updates, but these don't help.


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    Its possible, how did you buy it?
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    I bought it from a private party for $40 bucks. It has worked perfectly for two months.
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    That's one heck of deal, even if you only got to use it for 2 months.
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    $40, good googly moogly... that's an awsome deal. I would see if you can get another $40 one to replace it!

    That or open the treo and find a part number. you may find a 3rd party that makes the speaker.


    Does the speaker phone sound ok? Just thought of that...

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    I bought in GErmany e-store Treo 600 this summer. And had same problem, but from first day of using device :-(. I made refund in e-store.

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