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    I have a fairly odd corporate mail setup. My current email setup has my work machine checking several business and personal pop3 accounts in OL2k3. Using rules, the emails are put into local folders, but some emails like orders are moved to exchange mail folders. This allows me to have other computers (like the one used for shipping) access the same email. There is an exchange server set up specifically for this purpose.

    I know there are enterprise solutions, but they only seem to work with exchange. Most of the email I'm interested in never gets to the exchange server, it's kept local on my machine.

    I guess what I'm looking for is some system that will push emails from all folders in my OL2k3 on my local machine, including the subscribed public exchange folders, to my treo. Is there such a beast? Or any other ideas on how I could do this? Push isn't completely required, but would be nice.

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    I can't speak for all clients, but the ones I am familiar with won't do that. One option, although probably not acceptable to you, is to use Exchange folders instead of local ones. Then you would have a number of choices.

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