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    I am curious if there is a good utility to track time, where I can set up fee's for individual clients as well as if they are billed on a 15/30/60 minute cycle, and what it is rounded to. Like if I bill for 30 minutes and i do 45 minutes so it's rounded up to 60 minutes, that's the type of program I am looking for, does anyone have any idea's?
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    For years, I used Iambic's AllTime for this sort of thing, but like ALL Iambic products, old versions seem to crash all the time on the Treo 650. The new version would work, but it seems to do a lot more than I need, and it costs nearly $40.

    HourzPro from seems about right - not too complicated and not too simple. It costs about $30, which still seems expensive to me, but I don't like any of the freeware alternatives I've found.

    Other alternatives can be found at:

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