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    I heard there were emulators available for the palm. Anyone familiar with them, how they work and where I can get them from.
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    do a search for NesEm on google. download it.
    also do the search on here...a lot of people use it. i reccomend getting a SD card just for it bc only 2 or 3 games TOPS will fit on a stock treo
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    There is a free one:

    At least I think it is free.
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    yea it is free. i had it on my palm, but without a sd card i refuxe to keep it.
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    why is that, dport?
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    bc i dont have a SD card. i wont be abkle to keep a lot of games on my palm with all the other things i want/need. im gonna be getting a 1gig sd card shortly tho.
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    Heres a good (but a bit dated) article on the major emulators for the palm... doesnt mention ljp tho, which is what i use over nesem.
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    i just got ljp, what files do u use for snes? all i got is smc and it always crashes the palm
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    check the install instructions here:

    I have gotten all the emulators to work. Make sure you are using rc2 and not some other older version. Also, for SNES and Gens you will need UDMH.

    My favorite emulators are LJP, Sarien (sierra quest games), and Frotz (infocomm interactive fiction titles)!

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