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    I've just installed the update of VoiceSignal on my boss's Sprint 650 and after testing it is finally working famously (even w/her gigantic address book).

    However, the next day when she came into the office she said it DID NOT WORK quite as well as I'd said. We determined that the problem is the wired headset.

    It's a cheapo Staples headset, and I'd love to get her a Blue Tooth headset. How would the new Palm BlueTooth headset work w/VoiceSignal? I realize she would need to turn on the device and press the side button to activate VoiceSignal, is that correct? After VoiceSignal says "Say a command", would speaking into the BlueTooth headset activate VoiceSignal?

    It'd be great to hear from people w/ a similar setup.
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    Voice dialing does not work AT ALL with Bluetooth. It is a well known (and often lamented) shortcoming of the Treo 650's BT implementation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdan333
    Voice dialing does not work AT ALL with Bluetooth. It is a well known (and often lamented) shortcoming of the Treo 650's BT implementation.
    Correct. Voice-dialing itself. More specifically, you cannot initiate a call (i.e. get the bluetooth headset to activate the VoiceDial application).

    You can still use the side button on the Treo to activate VoiceDial and then voice-dial the person, but that has to be done via the Treo's microphone, not the bluetooth headset. Of course, once that is done you can use the bluetooth headset to speak to the person. Having to do that kind of defeats the purpose of a "hands-free" solution, since you still have to grab the Treo to initiate a call. The bluetooth implementation on the Treo 650 doesn't properly support the profile needed to activate the Voice-Dial application.

    Personally, in the past I seldom wore a headset except when driving, but now when driving I use my car's built-in bluetooth to initiate calls for people that I routinely call. I no longer wear a headset in the car. The only disadvantage is that I have no way of syncronizing my Treo's and the car's address books, so I have to reproduce the entries in the car's address book for those that I call often.

    Oh well. Better luck next time.
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    Thanks for the responses. Could anyone recommend a wired headset that works well w/the 650 and Voicedial?

    Has there be any speculation that Palm will release an update that fixes this major shortcoming?
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    My boss bought a wired headset that was suggested to her by the Best Buy staff. The brand is Dyne X (never heard of it myself).

    If the Treo is powered on and the headset is plugged in it causes the VoiceDial app to start with its normal "say a command" BUT then it just starts repeating in an endless loop: "say a command" over and over.

    Has anyone experienced this? Does it simply mean the headset is incompatible with the 650? The only 3rd party app on the device is VoiceDial, FYI.

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