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    I purchased a Speck Skintight case with holster about 3 months ago and I have noticed that over time the case has stretched out to the point that it no longer looks very good (presumably because I have taken the Treo out several times to access SD card reset etc...). I was never a huge fan of the holster it came with either. The holster broke on me the other day and I need a new case, I like the protection that the silicone case offered as I dropped my 650 several times over the months I had the case, and other than the antenna the treo has come out unscathed. Is there a silicone case that does not stretch over time or is this an inherent problem with silicone? I was looking at the sena leatherskin, but I dont like the protection it offers. I have read the reviews of the silicone cases sold by treocentral, but am worrried about stretching. Any help would be great.


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    the newer ones by javoedge advertise non sticky/dust free in case you are interested in that. not sure about the stretching though.
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    Aside from the stretching, what do you think of the Speck case?

    I use my SD card quite a lot but could be happy with not removing it if I could get a program like Card Export that allowed me to mount the SD card via a USB cable.

    I dropped my Treo650 in the parking lot and scratched up the case. . . BAD. So I want to cover it up so 1)I don't have to look at it. and 2)it doesn't happen again.

    I'm also interested in the flip-up screen cover. How did that work out for you?
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    I like the Speck case, and if you never need to remove it it might fit the bill for you. It does offer great protection, but you cant get it in and out of your pocket very easily.

    As far as the flip up screen cover goes it scratched very easily and I ditched it within a week or so and bought a brando screen protector. If you drop the treo with out the screencover on it is nearly impossible to scratch the screen, so I felt it was not needed for protection.

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    I had the Speck case too but it stretched out after a while. I covered my screen protector flip with a screen protector so it is still very clear/scratch-free. If not for the stretch, this would have been a very ideal case...I also use CardExport II so have no need to remove SD. However, I do remove the Treo from time to time to swap cases.
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    Boxwave FlexSkin 9.5/10. Im still deciding whether to give it a 9 instead though.

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