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    Hello, I needto call a normal receiving modem by calling it's telephone number and then using the port as a serial port, for example sending AT commands and so. I can do this with a TungstenT3 and a bluetooth telephone, and I wonder if I can do this with the Telephony lib of Treo or by another way.

    Thank you for any hint,
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    Set it up almost the same way you did on the T3. Launch the Preferences app, Choose Network, from the menu choose Service/New, Connection=Wireless dial-up, enter User Name, Password, Phone; then tap Details, then Advanced, then Script and enter your commands there.
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    Thank you Bill, I'll try this out, but I'm not shure on the way I can open that virtual serial port. On T3 I use SrmExtOpen() with "pSrmConfig->function = serFncTelephony". Usign this function, the PalmOS opens automatically a serial connection with the bluetooth phone I set in "preferences/phone", so that I can send to the serial port the AT commands I want, managing the phone modem.

    My program needs of this connection to serially talk with a PC server application I wrote, on the other side of the telephone, to send a file.

    Thank you for your help,
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    I had to have cingular enabled CSD (circuit switched data) on my account before it would work. It cost an extra $4 a month.

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