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    So what is the deal with Egrips in the treo store? Are they just backordered or not available.. i found a link to egrips for a 600 but would those work on the 650 and I'm not sure it was a viable link as it was in the reviews section and may be old. Anyone know where i can get these? Thanks , I havent dropped it yet
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    Only black for now at Transparent ones should be available at the end of this month.
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    Last year I had the transparent ones on my Treo 600 and loved them. When I decided to change them out (they were getting ratty around the edges due to my constent picking at them), I was dismayed that the transparent ones had been discontinued. I emailed them and they said that they discontinued them because most customers did not like them.

    If what you say is true, I'll be getting a set for my Treo 650!

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