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    I have had my Treo 650 since January with no problems using the AOL email set-up.

    All of a sudden about 3 weeks ago when I try and get email I get the following error: after it says connecting. It goes to checking new messages and then before it does anything else it says "Timeout Reading Body"

    The funny thing is that as an AOL subscriber, you can have 5 usernames. Other than my main email username all of the other ones work fine.

    I have tried to setup the account over and over. I have tried a hard reset. I updated the palm software. Nothing works. I have tried changing a number of settings regarding attachments etc and everything else under preferences and nothing works.

    But I can still get email for the other usernames that I don't use.

    I have searched the forum and have found other people have the same problem, but nobody has responded with a fix.

    Somebody please give me an idea what is going on.

    TREO 650 with sprint and VersaMail.

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    how did you set your treo up to receive your aol mail?
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    I finally got it working. I am not sure what did it though, but I did the following two things:
    Remove emails with large attachments and set versa mail preferences to receive unread messages.

    I will update this if it happens again
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    Quote Originally Posted by babydol
    how did you set your treo up to receive your aol mail?
    Do you have Versamail? It's usually included on the setup disk of your treo. It's very easy with that. Just start Versamail and hit the menu button. Scroll to Accounts and then Account Setup. Create a new account and you'll see a drop down menu with different ISPs listed. Choose AOL and click next until you're done.

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