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    I ran into my first big GoodLink problem a few days ago. I was about to go into a client meeting and had a colleague send me a few large files to present. My plan was to download them all to the SD Card and then transfer them to my laptop.

    However, every time I selected another file to download, I got a pop-up asking for me to delete the previous files to make more room. This was to a SD Card that had 250MB free!! So much for that plan.

    It turns out, anytime you "Download to Card" it actually downloads to internal RAM and then copies it to the card. Meaning it leaves the file in RAM. I just decreased my usable space permanently by downloading five 1MB files (I went from 8MB free to 4MB free). In fact, if you delete the file from the card, and then select Download to Card again, it just instantly downloads to the card (no progress bar or network activity). Because it is already in RAM.

    This has 2 bad consequences.

    1) You get weird messages that have nothing to do with the card. If you try to download any more files, GoodLink will ask you to delete files already downloaded. It will do this, even if you change SD cards to a new blank card. It is asking if it is OK to delete the files from RAM that you can't see, can't get to, didn't know were there and can't delete on your own. If you say yes, it doesn't do anything on the card (doesn't delete the file, since it deletes from RAM not the card), so it is not even clear what happened. Bad, bad UI there.
    2) You fill up RAM totally unnecessarily. What is the point of downloading to the card if you end up filling up RAM anyway.

    I'm stuck now. Even deleting the emails that had the attachments hasn't freed up my lost RAM. According to support, it is in some memory that is allocated to attachments "that can grow".

    I'm just going to wipe GoodLink and start over. Argh.
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