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    I have a Cingular Treo 650 that I unlocked with Cingular's help, then updated the firmware to 1.31 with software update 1.13-ROW (Hardware A). My question is: should I now update using the Cingular 1.15 updater? Is there any advantage to doing this update, since the firmware is still 1.31 with either updater?

    Incidentally, I am having phone lockup problems as noted on another thread (this is weird: if I plug in my treo to recharge the battery overnight using the wall charger adapter, remove it from the charger, then try to connect to the Cingular network, I can't get the network (except for SMS only) until I do a soft reset). I wonder if going to 1.15 might fix this problem.

    I talked with Cingular and with Palm technicians, and neither was able to give a straight (informed?) answer to the updater question.

    M Riner
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    I, too, have the same question. I tried to upgrade to CNG 1.15 yesterday, but had difficulties doing the custom ROM with lovecostarica's links. I'm not sure as to what advantages the 1.15 has compared to the 1.13-ROW.

    It looks like another program might be conflicting with your network connection. You may be better off doing a hard reset and installing your 3rd party apps one at a time, after that. It might fix that problem.

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