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    Please bear with me - I am testing my company's software on several different wireless devices including the TREO 600. This is my boss' TREO 600.

    I tried to research for this information in the limited time amount alloted to me, to no success, so I have decided to post this.

    One thing I am having problems with is entering certain characters in a password field, such as the percent symbol. I can get such characters to show by typing certain characters in a text field followed by pressing ALT to get a selection of rarely-used characters. However, this does not work with password fields, making it impossible for me to enter certain characters such as a percent symbol (%) into a password field.

    (1) Are there alternate input methods (such as popup keyboards), which I can use to force the insertition of a percent symbol into a password field;

    (2) Is there a firmware upgrade (one of the 3.0.x versions) that I can use to allow the OS to permit entry of nonstandard characters into password fields? I will get my boss' permission to install a firmware upgrade if this is the official solution.

    (3) Any other solutions to trick the entry of a non-standard character into a password field?
    Mark Rejhon
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    You can try hitting Menu-k to popup an on-screen keyboard.

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