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    On my former Treo180, I downloaded the free Eudora mail app (about 2 years ago). I was able to check email, and send email from my Treo. I did all this WITHOUT having any data service on my phone

    Is there a such an email app that will work on the Treo600 and without data service on the wireless contract?

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    You had to have some sort of data connection because email *is* data. I know that cingular used to let you add CSD (circuit switch data) to an account. Instead of connecting over the data network that would allow you to use your phone as a modem and dial up to another ISP. The speed is pretty bad (you'll be lucky to get 9600bps) but for email it should work. That isn't really a data plan as it would use your voice minutes whenever you made a data call, and I'm assuming that is probably what you used to use. Depending on your service provider you might be able to get CSD provisioned onto your account and I know that there are some posts here about how to set up the treo to use it, but because it's so slow a lot of providers are no longer supporting it.

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    For that to happen you need your phone to be connected to pc with internet connection...
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