I have a 650 and use snappermail (latest version).
For about a month and a half now, when I get a new email, and the screen shows '1 new message' and I select 'Go To' at the bottom, Snappermail opens, but the message does not open automatically like it used to.
It will not even open the correct folder to view the message.
I reverted to 1.08 to try to fix the probelm, but no go. Last night I did a hard reset and erased ALL data. I upgraded to 1.12, created a new user and installed all of my apps again. I only pulled my Xiino bookmarks over. Everything else I created from scratch.
My messages still do not open like they are supposed to.
I emailed Snapperfish, and they did not know why it was doing this.

I have snappermail as my default email app.

Anybody have any ideas? I know it sounds petty, but I am anal, and this is aggravating me!!!