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    I have not been able to find this information - will it be possible for the current 650 models to be able to upgrade the BT version? Is it correct that the 650 only has 1.1 support, or does it support 1.2? Will it be able to support 2.0 with a software upgrade, or will we have to wait for a new Treo?
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    my GUESS is that we'll need a new Treo for 1.2. just like you can't turn an "A" WIFI router into a "G" one via software update.
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    Palm has said that there are no plans to upgrade the Treo 650 to 1.2.
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    has anyone tried a BT 1.2 Phone with a BT 1.2 Headset? I wonder if there is a drastic difference in call quality, interference, range, etc.?

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