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    I know that PalmOS does not have BT 1.2 yet, and because of that stereo output from PalmOS can not be redirected to any BT headset.
    But I wonder if it is possible to control some apps on PalmOS devices via the BT headset ?

    i.e. controlling the audio player's "next" and "previous" buttons by buttons on BT headset ?
    or volume of the device with volume buttons on BT headset ?

    once, I saw an app which made the BT headset act as a security key to the PalmOS device.
    was it named "bluekey" ?
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    HeadsetControl at
    seems to do what I want
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    this app doesn't seem to work with a bluetooth headset.
    has anyone succeed in using it with a BT headset ?
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    Seems like BT is still in its infancy. I've been trying to get my Treo headset to control VOIP calls taken on my Mac, but can't get answers from anyone. We need a BT guru.
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    My HBH 660 can take voip calls from Googe Talk (on my laptop) as well as any audio playing on my laptop.

    But I need to find a way to initiate voice dialling from my BT headset (HBH 660)
    isn't it supportedd by Treo 650 ?
    (with any help of an app)

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