Any help on this issue is apprecited. Did a search on this but did not come up with anything I thought was related. Although I did see the plethora of information regarding Randon Reboots.

Treo 650 (Cingular, former AT&T) running 1.15.

Treo has been stable since I purchased it about 4 months ago. Today it started to randomly reboot.

What happens is this......
the device will be standing by idle, I hear a tone (which I believe is the bluetooth connect tone), the screen flashes on and then the Treo 650 reboots. Note: I can't see what the *whole* screen says when the tone happens because the keyguard is on, but it appears that bluetooth is trying to make a connection. But like I say, at that point it reboots. I use Bluetooth to sync to my laptop and never have any issue with it, in fact I can still activate a hot sync.

I did a *#377 to check the last error, after the first reset the error log said:
" A reset was caused on 9/12/05 at x:xx [I forgot the time] while running "Applications": Fatal Exception "
*****However, all subsequent resets show "Phone" in the error log, not "Applications."

I have a theory..... Is it possible that someone in my office, is walking by and their bluetooth device is trying to connect with mine? And then causing a reboot? My office is very large and very busy so its not easy for me to guess if its any given person walking by.

Please advise if you are familar with this issue and if there is a fix.

Any help is appreciated. I did email Palm support regarding this issue, but it will be interesting to see if they tell me to do anything other than a "hard reset."

Thanks in advance.......

Oh yea, I have discoverable mode turned off regarding Bluetooth.....