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    the installer at the bmw dealer said the 650 and the x5 were not compatible due to the size of the database and i have not been able to sync them. has anyone had been able to do it? they're suggestion was to get a cheap t-mobile (my carrier) and forward calls to it in the x5. that's ridiculous. just wondering if anyone else has had any luck

    alan siegel
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    I have a 2005 525i and have been successfully using my T650 with the BMW BT handsfree. Only the favorites get transferred, so no worries about "size of the database". Make sure you do not put any extra digits in your favorites entries, as it will cause your Treo to go into a reset loop when it syncs.

    There are lots of posts on this board and on the E60 forums discussion site that give you detailed instructions on how to pair. Also, there are many resources on on BMW's BT implementation.
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    i was able to get it working fine! my BT & me go well together in my x5! I AM A BMW (BLACK MAN WALKIN') & built in x5(rite hand)

    i hhhhhaddd to do it!!!
    ohio state SUCKS!! & michigan state will never measure up!
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    did you have to do anything special? i can't imagine that having the unlocked t-mobile would make a difference but the car doesn't seem to see the 650


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