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    I just looked at some pics I took and they look blurry when I view them on the computer. I've seen pics posted from Treo 650s that look very clear, so I wonder - do folks clean the lens or recommend other things to get sharp pics?
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    what resolution are you using when you take pics? if you choose the bigger one, then it'll come out a little blurry.
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    Why does bigger come out blurry?

    I do know that it takes a second to take the pic so hold the Treo still a little longer and see if that helps.
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    My treo also does this. I have tried to figure out why. I have seen others pictures on various web sites and they are chrystal clear. Mine always look like the camera is out of focus. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

    Even in its simplest forms it is blurry like this. If I use 2X as opposed to 1X it gets worse. These are taken with the 640x480 resolution. I haven't really tried the 320x240, but I honestly expect the same results.
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    The camera, like any other cameraphone camera, stinks.. Period.
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    I find that the camera lens of my 650 gets smudged with fingerprints very easily. It's much more exposed than the lens of a regular camera, and it gets handled more frequently.

    When you take a picture, try cleaning the lens off first. But still don't expect too much. We're not talking high-quality optics here.

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    Fingerprints could certainly be a cause. Also, you have to remember that this is a VERY simple camera mechanism. I don't know the specs on the innards, but I am certain there is no aperture control. Therefore the only way to adjust the final exposure is thru shutter speed. The lower the light levels the longer the shutter speed. The longer the shutter speed, the more opportunity for movement and more opportunity for blurriness. If you can include some lighter areas in the picture without messing up the overall exposure, the shutter speed will be faster and likely less blurry.
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    somewhat related, but not really, there is a program called qset that will allow you to change the system jpeg compression level. Default on the treo is 65 (out of 100). So there is a lot of room to increase quality of pictures.
    You can find it here:

    Of course, it won't help with motion blurs or smudged lenses, but it might help your overall image quality.

    Also, I've noticed that certain lighting conditions (like less light) makes it harder to take non blurry photos because the shutter stays open longer.
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    Of course, there is substantial debate as to whether this app even works with the 650. The comments on the MyTreo site indicate that it doesn't. YMMV.

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    I just downloaded the app and tried it on my GSM Treo 650. The app installed and ran fine. However, there was no appreciable difference between a setting of 1 and 99 either in the picture displayed on the Treo or the file size of the picture. There is no doubt: the app runs but the setting doesn't affect my Treo.
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    Actually, the author of qset says it shouldn't work with the 650, and is surprised that it doesn't crash.
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    oh. In that case, I hope a 650 version is released someday.

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