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    My treo has been crashing as of late, not reset loops, but actually getting hung up on a screen and would not respond (have to remove battery to recover). This has been happening when using bluetooth and several other applications which have worked fine in the past.

    I want to reinstall all my software from a clean state, but want to be able to restore critical data like datebook and my contacts. Does anybody have recommendations on what the best approach is?

    Thanks for any input,

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    1. Perform a hard reset
    2. Rename the Backup directory under your Palm/<username>/ folder
    3. Hotsync

    This will load only your PIM data and no third party software.
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    Could try a Zero out reset - same as hard reset but completely reformats the memory so no stray info in there. otherwise looks just the same as a hard reset, just lots more difficult. I've done one today renaming the complete username folder, to try and eliminate problems with Tom Tom Navigator 5.12. - reinstalling programs as and when I know the Tom Tom is behaving (fat chance!)

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