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    I own 2 Treo 650s with Sprint PCS.

    The first is HW Rev A and the second, which I just picked up today, is HW Rev B.

    Anyone know what the difference is between the 2 HW revs?

    I'm hoping some improvement with BT but most likely not. Just went through 7 BT headsets and returned all of them.
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    The only major change appears to be they went with a more cost effective screen (I.E. Cheaper for them). Some like it, most do not. Remember a hardware revision doesn't mean it's a improvement, it just means something changed at the hardware level and thus they change the revision to keep track of what phone has what.
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    Others have suggested that the slight screen rotation was corrected and that a different (better) camera is in the Rev B models. I havent seen any B hardware to confirm this though.
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    I just received a Rev. B phone. The screen has a very distinct red hue to it and is not as sharp. There are more obvious pixels and whites are reddish whereas my Rev A models (I've had three!!!) had a more blueish hue to them. Let down by Palm again...

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