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    Anyone use the Samsung i730's headset with a treo 650?
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    Has anyone tried this one? Jabra C220s.
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    bump.... anyone try either of these by chance?
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    the jabra c220 is not compatible for treo 650 (i bought and returned, plus they show as incompatable on the jabra website)

    not sure on the samsung, and/or if it is re-branded.

    of course, the palm branded hybrid works and is about the same price, and then you have the sometimes work and sometimes don't work seidio's as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiteMom
    Has anyone tried this one? Jabra C220s.
    I cannot tell you how much i like your avatar.

    Both those headphones look pretty cool, I would buy one if they had a behind the back headphone. I hate "ear buds".

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