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    I bought my Prism in hopes that I would be able to play good looking, albeit small movies clips. My initial experiences show some potential and I'm curious if anybody else is having any luck.

    I downloaded and tried FireViewer 5 and some color movies on my Prism last night. The movies played full screen with a nice high frame rate, but with some really bad artifacts... part of the image looked really good but most of it looked like big chunks of scrambled pixels. I'm hoping there will be a fix to clear up the whole image. Anybody tried this yet?

    I have also tried ActiveSky, and the movies are smaller than full screen and look good but the movies I have tried play at a very slow frame rate. I'm hoping that the slow frame rate isn't attributed to the ActiveSky encoder or the Prism's speed, but was just a encoding choice made to keep file sizes down. It seems that the Prism has the screen and speed to support great looking movies but will of course rely on SB modules to provide the needed megabytes of storage.
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    Fire Viewer 4 had the same problem. I haven't tried movies on version 5 yet. Sorry to hear it isn't much better.

    ActiveSky is the better bet for movies on a Prism right now.

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