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    According to the Treo manual, it is possible to program "speed dial" numbers into the device so that certain contacts can be called by simply pressing a designated number from the keypad. I have followed the instructions in the manual, but haven't succeeded in getting the Treo to accept the designated speed dial number. Has anyone had any success with this??

    I've tried the voice dial software from Voice Signal with only moderate success. It really isn't very good, therefore it would be nice to have some of my frequently called numbers available by speed dial from the key pad.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Yeah, it's really pretty easy:
    1. Select a Favorites button in the Phone App for your speed dial favorite
    2. From the menu, choose Record/Edit Favorites Button
    3. On the Add Favorite screen, Type=Speed Dial, Label=what you want to call this favorite, Number=the phone number in question, Quick Key=the key to press to invoke this Favorite, Ringtone=the ringtone you wish to hear when this person calls you
    4. Tap OK

    Now, whenever you're in the phone app, press the Quick Key you assigned to this Favorite and the number will be dialed. Install Butler if you'd like this quick key to be recognized from within any app.
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    Go to Phone app > Menu > Edit Favorites Pages > Tap on any empty box > Select the number you'd like for speed dial > Assign quick key > Tap OK

    I hope that is what you are referring to.
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    And if you want to do a no-brainer, checkout Voice Signal - no training voice dialing.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Perhaps you are confusing keypad (the telephone keypad that is displayed on the lcd) with the KEYBOARD. The speed dials work with the KEYBOARD keys being held down for about a second when you are in the phone app.

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