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    Having an issue with the screen not coming back on. I do a soft reset, comes back on, works fine, can make calls, use apps, then i turn the screen off. 8 out of 10 times the screen wont' come back on. Then I have to do another soft reset or take the battery out and put it back in. Last app before this all started i installed was mobiTV. Going to get rid of that and see but I was wondering if it were more of a hardware than software problem. Maybe I should go to the Sprint store? Thanks.
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    It's most likely a software problem. You can prove this either way by doing a hard reset and testing before you perform a restoring hotsync: if the problem's not present at that point, it's not hardware-related.
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    Well I thought it was mobitv so i deleted it and haven't had the phone do it once yet. I'm a little upset though because I kind of liked the program. Anybody else have problems with mobitv in this mannor?
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    I installed MobiTV yesterday and today I had the same happen to me for the first time ever on my Treo. I had to also do a soft reset to get the phone on. Thanks for posting this and if it happens as oftern as you say do send an email to I also like this new app and would try to help the developer as much as possible to resolve this issue if their program is to blame.

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    Well, as I posted earlier, thought the phone was done having issues, but apparently not. It just happened twice in a 5 minute period. And I know this is really sad, but honestly, last night when this all started to happen (had to reset my phone I'd imagine about 50 times) part of me felt lost hahaha. I've started to depend on this phone way too much. I will send them an e-mail and let me know that I believe it was there program that caused my problems. most likely will do a hard reset soon and then if that fails, get a new phone which sucks! Still love this thing though and I'm guessing it's my fault for installing everything on there.

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