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    I bought and HBH-600 right when they came out and after using it for about 2 weeks I was getting less than 30 minutes of talk time. Turns out it had a NiMH battery, so my practice of leaving it hooked up to the charger in the car was killing it.

    Do SE's headsets still use NiMH? I'm tempted by the Bluespoon AX because he has LiIon but some here have said there are problems with it. (Then again, for $75 maybe I'll take a chance.) I always liked the feel of the SE headset I was using, I just wish the battery wasn't lame.
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    Have you tried running it down to empty then doing a full charge/re-charge cycle? That might recondition the battery.
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    It might, but it won't change the fact that for how I plan to use a headset I want LiIon, not NiMH. (SE confirmed the HBH-600 is NiMH.)

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