i first bought the retractable 2-in-1 Over-the-Ear for Treo 600 headphones because treo central was out of the treo 650 model. i used it for sometime and it was quite good. i just didn't like the confusing switching mechanism from phone to music and vice-versa. so i bought the newer one button treo 650 specific 2-in-1 Over-the-Ear for Treo 650 model.

i thought i was upgrading, but i found out the i actually lost a very important feature.

voice dialing from voice signal no longer works when i press the button on the headphones while the PDA is off. with the old headphones the button worked everytime, even when the PDA was off.

it's really annoying because now when i'm riding my bike i have to pull the telephone out of my pocket and at least turn it on before i could press the button and voice dial someone.

i still have my old headphones and i can go back to it, but i posted this message to see if someone had the same problem and successfully got around it.