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    Hey I have a problem where caller name's from the address book are not showing up. I see their number, and ringo even recognizes the number and will play custom ringtones, but I do not see the name that is connected to the address book entry. Also, at the end of the call, it offers to save the number in the address book. I have tried a reset and everything and done database cleanups on the address book.
    Anyone else? Any ideaS?

    (P.s. I did search the forums for an answer- I'm sure it's here but I can't find it.)
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    Uninstall the problem still there?

    You say you've done resets - have you tried a hard reset? If removing Ringo doesn't help, rename your user's Palm Backup directory, hard reset and sync. That'll load your PIM data only. The caller id should work; add back apps until it doesn't any more and you'll know what's to blame.
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    I had the same problem before and uninstalling ringo fixed it. It's something with the program... there are a few threads about it.
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    thanks I ended up hard reseting and reinstalling everything one by one to try to overcome some other problems I was having, and the caller ID thing was fixed in the mix. Whats a good mp3 ringer program you guys suggest?

    ...seems plamOS is like Windows - it works great for a period of time but then just needs to be reinstalled.

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