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    Been transferring songs to my 600 using the SD card Just fine. I usually insert the SD card into my laptop and move songs onto the card. I recently downloaded the latest version of Itunes (which is how i convert my cds to mp3s) and now when i drag the files to the card, they show up on the card when viewing the folder on my laptop, but when the card is in the Treo, they don't show up. All the other songs, not ripped by Itunes show up and play just fine. And Songs i ripped previously with the older version of Itunes did work fine too. Now they don't show up either.

    What gives? Anyone else having this problem?

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    Check your preferences in the the new version of iTunes to see if it defaulted to another encoder instead of the MP3 encoder.
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    yeah that's cool....i also wanted to know if there was a converter for wma/mp3 format because i seem to have less problems with ptunes when i play mp3.....and i don't want to have to change them over using windows media player.....i just want to be able to load the card to the computer,put my songs on there,convert them to mp3 and put them back on the card.....what programs are out there?? thx in advance!!

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